Thanos wipes off google search result

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The AVENGERS: ENDGAME has kept our fans exciting to know the fate of all our Avengers. However, in Infinity Wars, we saw Thanos wiping off half of the universe with just a snap of his fingers. However even before you can take a plunge into the movie, it seems that our Marvel fans are in for a surprise.

Thanos has been seen on the Internet recently. However, not just Thanos, but also his infinity gauntlet has some surprise for us. When you type Thanos, we find that there is an icon of infinity gauntlet pressing it will almost half of the page disappear, just like the way Thanos did to the Universe.

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But do not worry, by clicking on the icon again, the hand snaps and we get back all the content in the page. However, speaking of Thanos we see that Thanos has proved that the audience equally likes villain and the role has obviously given the flavor to the whole movie.

Thanos along with other superheroes would be seen in the AVENGERS: ENDGAME presented by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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