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Was a no-brainer to act with son: Liam Neeson

Actor Liam Neeson says it was a no-brainer with regard to acting with his son Micheal Richardson in COLD PURSUIT.

"So, my son Micheal plays Kyle. I had suggested him early on to Hans (Petter Moland), our director, and Michael (Shamberg), our producer. And then I just stayed away. Micheal read for the
part and he got it. I was pleased, pleased for him too," Neeson said in a statement to IANS.

"We didn't have to pretend to have a relationship, do you know what I mean? For some other strange actor to pretend he is my son… Micheal is my son and he has got some of my body
language and I have got some of his, so I think that comes across. It was a no-brainer with regard to acting with him. It was just having a regular conversation with your boy," he added.

The actor said the genre of the film is also something that he had been wanting to be part of since a while now. 

"It's a good character-driven revenge thriller, with very interesting bad guys. There is very dark undercurrent element of humour, which is quite appealing," said the TAKEN star.

He loved working with his co-actor Laura Dern as well. 

"I can tick something off my bucket list. I got to work with the great Laura Dern. She is wonderful, great lady," said Neeson.

 COLD PURSUIT is a remake of the 2014 Norwegian film IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE, which was also directed by Moland.

 COLD PURSUIT will release on February 8 in India through PVR Pictures.


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