What if Avengers had to face Justice League?


The Avengers have been ruling the hearts of the audience and box office. In a similar fashion, the Justice League has also been one of the few movies of DC Comics that has made a huge mark in the hearts of the audience.

Now, what if the Avengers had to come face to face with each other for one on one battle?

The Avengers and Justice League will surely have a tough competition with each other with one of the superheroes from both sides having similar powers fight with each other.


Now let’s take a look at which Avenger and which Justice League member will fight with each other.

Superman – Thor
The son of Krypton and the Fon of Asgardian will surely be a tough competitor to each other. Both have similar powers where each of them possesses the power of strength, The only difference Superman has the powerful beam of rays that he can emit from his eyes whereas speaking on Thor he has the powerful Mjolnir that he can use against Thor.

Shazam – Captain America
Shazam who has the power of all Greek Gods can now have a tough competitor Captain America. Owing to the fact that Captain America can wield the Mjolnir as well as the Shield, he can surely whip Shazam easily, since Captain America has a fight experience of more than 70 years whereas Shazam is just a mere kid.


Ironman – Batman
The genius billionaire against the Dark knight would be another pair who will give a tough competition to each other. Both possess a high level of intelligence and also the money resource that one will need to build weapons and suits to defeat each other.

Flash – Silver Surfer
Both Flash and Silver Surfer can give a tough competition to each other with their supersonic speed.

Green Lantern – Wanda
Green Lantern who has the power of will and the strength of his ring will surely be a tough competitor to Wanda. The red-haired girl who has the power of telekinesis can surely take down the green lantern and also if required can take over the Green Lantern Corps.


Martian Manhunter – Vision
The Martian Manhunter although from another planet might turn out to be a hardcore opponent for Vision. Martian Manhunter’s shape-shifting abilities can be a tough competition against Vision who possess Soul Stone on his forehead.

Wonder Woman – Black Widow
The Amazonian girl surely has a tough competitor for her. Black Widow who has undergone several years of training under Soviet Russia will find an opponent equal of her caliber. Where on one hand Wonder Woman has a sword and shield, the black widow has guns and shock bands.

Atom – Antman
Both Atom and Antman has the power to minimize and go at an infinitely small size. Both can turn out to be tough competitors for each other.

Aquaman – Namor
Aquaman and Namor, both rulers of the sea can dominate and take control over the seven seas if they fight with each other with all the grit and determination.

We see that even though Avengers won over Thanos, they might find tough to face the Justice League as they have competitors having similar powers.

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