Which Justice League member could defeat Thanos?


The Avengers Endgame saw the end of one of the iconic villains of all time, Thanos. As seen Ironman was the last of the few heroes like Ironman who could defeat Thanos and that too by making his own set of Infinity Gauntlet. Now one very big question arises what if Thanos and his army had to face the Justice League.

This is one question that has been given a thought many times. If you take a close look at the Justice League members, there are few who could easily defeat Thanos. Let's take a look at some Justice League members who could easily defeat Thanos.

Superman, the last son of Krypton is one tough guy who could easily take over Thanos easily and that too is a man of steel we bet that Thanos would have to give a thought before taking on a fight with Superman.


Wonder Woman
The Amazonian girl who after Superman could easily take over Thanos is the next in the list who could easily withstand the Mad Titan. She along with her sword and shield paired up with the Lasso of truth could easily beat Thanos.

The Dark Knight is one such character who could easily beat Thanos. Although he doesn't possess any superpowers, the best he can do is to easily make a suit to take over Thanos. Like Supburster, Batman can think of making a Thanos Burster

The Green Lantern Corps
The Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and his corps are the next in the list where they can easily take over Thanos. Often referred to as the protector of Galaxy, the Thanos would find it difficult to enter the earth without passing the Green Lantern.


Martian Manhunter
Thanos might find someone of his equivalence with Martian Manhunter who hails from the outer world. He with his shapeshifting powers can easily defeat the mad  Titan. Hence Thanos must think twice before going hand to hand with Martian Manhunter

The Flash who has several abilities other than his lightning speed could be next on the list where he can easily take over Thanos

Shazam who has the power of the ancient Greek gods is a Superman equivalence. He has similar power like that of Superman and can easily take over Thanos.


Aquaman, the Atlantean protector will equally take over Thanos and that too with his army combined Thanos should never mess around. 

Justice League members
The combined force of the Justice League will be unstoppable and that Thanos and his army will find it extremely difficult to beat the Justice League.