When Lady Gaga’s surprised her fan

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Singer Lady Gaga recently surpised a 19-year-old fan at a make-up turorial.

The incident happened at the celebration of the launch of Gaga's makeup brand, Haus Laboratories. The "Shallow" hitmaker's superfan Brandon Galaz had been invited to the studio, and the 19-year-old, a cosmetology student, was having his make-up done by Gaga's right-hand artist, Sarah Tanno, reports "allure.com".

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Unknown to Brandon, Gaga had stopped by at the offices, and was watching from an adjacent room. Midway through the make-up session, Brandon started reading from a heartfelt letter he had penned to the "Shallow" singer thanking her for the impact her music had on his life.

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That is when Gaga appeared before him, in a surprise appearance.

An emotional Brandon continued reading his letter, recalling his coming out as gay in front of his family, which "drove a wedge" between him and his father. He quoted a line from the Gaga hit "Born this way" to justify his decision: "Don't hide yourself in regret… Just love yourself and you're set".

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When Brandon described Gaga as his "role model", the singer was almost in tears, too.

"It's not how we look that makes us beautiful, right? It's what we've been through and how we survive," Gaga told to Galaz.

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