Tuesday, October 19, 2021

When Miley Cyrus got a fond caress from Kaitlynn Carter

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Pop singer Miley Cyrus received a sweet caress from Kaitlynn Carter before taking the stage to sing "Slide away" at the MTV VMAs. The performance, the pop star has said, left her "incredibly emotional".

Carter laid a reassuring hand on the head of her rumoured girlfriend Miley right before the pop star sang her breakup ode "Slide away" at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 26, reports "hollywoodlife.com".

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Miley appeared to appreciate the gesture, reciprocating the warmth backstage by placing a hand on Carter's back.

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Shortly after the backstage moment was filmed, Miley went on to deliver her first televised performance of "Slide away."

She was "incredibly emotional" after wrapping up the song, a source at the VMAs said.

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"She held onto the mic and hung her head for a few moments before being walked off stage," the onlooker said, which is understandable, given the hard-hitting lyrics of the Disney alum's new track.

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