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Liam Neeson nails the act of Nels

The writer of Hans Petter Moland’s COLD PURSUIT, Frank Baldwin feels that actor Liam Neeson is perfect for the character of Nels in the film. The writer says that the actor was really able to get under the skin of his character. "Liam is perfect for Nels. He has the quality… Nels is a solitary guy and Liam was really able to embody that. He's a guy who spends most of his time alone in the mountains and that's ok with him, he likes it. He is a guy that's not gonna mess with anybody unless somebody messes with him and he's a guy who is more or less satisfied with his life until he loses his son. And then as we mentioned, he's able to take the road not taken and embrace the harder side of his personality that he'd spent a whole life locked away from. And he's a man who sets out to avenge his son and learns the cost of it," he says.

COLD PURSUIT is a remake of 2014 Norwegian film IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE, which was also directed by Moland.

Director Hans Petter Moland’s COLD PURSUIT starring  Liam Neeson,Tom Bateman, Tom Jackson,  Emmy Rossum,  Domenick Lombardozzi, Julia Jones and John Doman to release on 8th February in India by PVR Pictures.


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