Will BAYWATCH failure affect Priyanka Chopra’s Hollywood journey?

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Ever since Priyanka Chopra stepped in Hollywood and played the lead in the three consecutive seasons of TV show ‘Quantico’, her popularity increased in the West. Thereafter she was constantly in news for some or other new feat of hers. And when she bagged BAYWATCH, her debut film in Hollywood, much was written and talked about her rocking journey in Hollywood.

With that a lot of expectations were made from Priyanka and her debut film. She was held as the global icon. Though she had a blink and miss appearance in the promotional material – videos, still everyone waited with bated breath assuming Priyanka’s who is playing the antagonist Victoria Leeds in the film, role is being kept under wraps. Perhaps, the actress will stun us once the film releases. Even the film was touted to do some wonders at BO, since for the first a popular TV series of 90s ‘Baywatch’ was converted into a feature film. So of course the excitement around the film was double-fold. But sadly, the film opened to a cooler response in international arena. While the film got lukewarm response from critics, even at BO the film failed to create any magic as per the reports.

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In overseas, the film couldn’t take off as expected. While in India the film is yet to release, but going by the current scenario it looks like even here the film will not gain that much mileage. Reason? Well, we hear BAYWATCH makers have ignored India from the films promotions. Unlike Vin Diesel & Jackie Chan, who visited India specially to promote their films, there are no such efforts being made by BAYWATCH lead actor Dwayne Johnson and the makers. Further, Priyanka is missing from the international poster of the film.

With that we wonder if Priyanka, who has been flying high in Hollywood uptill now, will have her wings clipped, if her Hollywood journey, which had just begun and rocking until BAYWATCH happened, will have a reverse effect. Well, only time will tell how far Priyanka spread her wings in the West.

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