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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Yung Bleu, Drake team up for new single ‘You’re Mines Still’ remix

Yung Bleu has dropped a new song 'You're Mines Still' featuring Drake

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Yung Bleu has dropped a new song ‘You’re Mines Still’ featuring Drake.

The Alabama artist released the new remix on Drake’s OVO Sound label. Throughout the track, the pair recite stories of heartbreak.

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“If I ever made you angry girl/Just know that it get better over time/They say time heals/She can’t see her life without me, she so blessed still/Fck that ngga, you can tell him that you’re mines still,” Yung Bleu sings in the song.

“Ashamed to tell my friends how much I do for you/’Cause they know that you would never do the same for me/I wasn’t lookin’ for your secrets, they just came to me/And they contradicted everything you claimed to be,” adds Drake.

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The new track originally appeared on Yung Bleu’s new EP ‘Love Scars: The 5 Stages of Emotions’ which dropped earlier this year and has already become a fan favourite.

In addition to ‘Love Scars: The 5 Stages of Emotions,’ Yung Bleu has blessed his fans with other projects including ‘Bleu Vandross 3’ and the six-track EP ‘Since We Inside’.

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Prior to the arrival of the ‘You’re Mines Still’ remix, Yung Bleu teased his fans by sharing a screenshot of his DMs with Drake over Instagram.

“Let’s do that remix,” Drake messaged Bleu adding further “I just need a version of that song with an open verse.” to which Yung Bleu of course agreed right away. “Wtff! Helll yea,” he replied. “Doing it right now !!!!”

Yung Bleu, Drake team up for new single 'You're Mines Still' remix

Listen to the ‘You’re Mines Still’ remix below.

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