Netflix ‘His House’ trailer: Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu’s scary dialogues

Netflix has dropped a new trailer for 'His House,' a horror tale wrapped up in a fable about modern day immigration


The first trailer for horror flick ‘His House’ is out now, and its horrifying.

Netflix has dropped a new trailer for ‘His House,’ a horror tale wrapped up in a fable about modern-day immigration.

Written and directed by Remi Weekes in his feature debut, the film premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and has garnered rave reviews from fans and critics.


‘His House’ follows a young couple (played by actors Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu) that escapes war-torn South Sudan for a better life in the U.K. However, the property they’re living in a small English town isn’t the respite they hoped it would be, as an ‘unspeakable evil’ starts lurking out of the surface of a house which they cannot leave.

The film will also feature former ‘Doctor Who’ star Matt Smith in a supporting role.

“‘His House’ is a haunted house story about two immigrants trying to make a home in a foreign country,” Weekes said in a statement. “Unlike traditional haunted house stories where the protagonist might be able to escape, our protagonists — two displaced asylum seekers — do not have the privilege to simply leave.”


“Rather, they are stuck having to survive within their house. This is often the case in the U.K., where asylum seekers have to follow draconian rules when given accommodation. This is also often the case with trauma — you’re stuck having to find ways to survive your grief, and finding ways to heal within it.”

Yariv Milchan, Michael Schaefer, and Natalie Lehman along with Eva Yates, Stuart Manashil, and Steven Schneider serve as producers on the film.

‘His House’ premieres on Netflix on October 28.


We have some scary dialogues from the trailer. Check out Dialogues below:

“We are good people” – Sope Dirisu
“It’s a palace” – Matt Smith
“This entire house is just for us” – Wunmi Mosaku
“It’ll be nice. You’ll be happy. As long as you can get along. Fit it… Be one of the good ones” – Matt Smith
“This is our home” – Sope Dirisu
“I saw something in the dark” – Wunmi Mosaku
“You have problems with the property?” – Matt Smith
“This is what they want. They like to see us crazy” – Wunmi Mosaku
“How quickly you forget… everything we went through to get here” – Sope Dirisu
“We are not going back” – Sope Dirisu
“It says I should be afraid of you” – Wunmi Mosaku