Netflix ‘Selena: The Series’ powerful dialogues

'Selena: The Series' trailer is out now and it gives us a closer look into the life of the iconic singer Selena Quintanilla.


‘Selena: The Series’ trailer is out now and it gives us a closer look into the life of the iconic singer Selena Quintanilla.

On Monday, Netflix released the full trailer for the upcoming biopic series which will drop during the holiday season.

In the two-minute trailer, actress Christian Serratos (The Walking Dead) plays the titular character in various stages of her career, from the early days of her career, as the Quintanilla family works to launch their band with Selena on vocals, Suzette Quintanilla on drums and A.B. Quintanilla on bass until her tragic death at age 23.


“With this series, viewers will finally get the full history of Selena, our family, and the impact she has had on all of our lives,” Selena’s sister Suzette Quintanilla said in a statement.

‘Selena: The Series’ follows the 1997 Jennifer Lopez-starring hit film which chronicled the singer’s life.

The series is reportedly divided in two parts, with the first part spanning over six hour-long episodes.


‘Selena: The Series’ also stars Seidy Lopez, Ricardo Chavira, Gabriel Chavarria, and Noemi Gonzalez.

The show debuts premieres December 4 on Netflix.

We have some powerful dialogues from the trailer. Check out Dialogues below:

“If we go out there, give it everything that we’ve got… we can make this happen” – Ricardo Chavira
“It’s about love. How you had it, and then you lost it” – Ricardo Chavira
“It feels like there’s a fist around your heart” – Seidy Lopez
“If you stand around and wait for what you want, you’re gonna be waiting your whole life” – Ricardo Chavira
“You have to go and get it” – Ricardo Chavira
“Are you guys ready to stop?” – Christian Serratos
“You don’t wanna be ‘difficult’. Lots of bands are, some impossible. They still get records made!” – Ricardo Chavira
“There’s no Beatles without Ringo. And there’s no Selena without Suzette” – Christian Serratos
“When I think about being onstage, with you on the bass and Suzette on the drums, nothing else matters” – Christian Serratos