‘The Craft Legacy’ trailer: Cailee Spaeny and Zoey Luna’s creepy dialogues

Halloween is just around the corner and the official trailer for 'The Craft: Legacy' is out now.


Halloween is just around the corner and the official trailer for ‘The Craft Legacy’ is out now.

On Tuesday, Blumhouse unveiled the new trailer for upcoming horror flick ‘The Craft Legacy’, the continuation of the story which began in 1996’s cult classic The Craft.

The trailer for the new version introduces four teenage girls, who bond together as witches against the mean boys at their school and take matters into their own hands by trying to sharpen their witchcraft but going too far.


But as the girls experiment with their witchcraft rituals, a totally frightening version of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ begins as they start giving away strange powers and things begin to go horribly wrong.

‘The Craft Legacy’ trailer features of few hints of the original, including the same line after a man warns them to watch out for weirdos, and one of the girl’s replies, “We are the weirdos, mister.”

The new chapter also opens up with a new girl moving to town, who is recruited by a trio of teenage witches to join them and turn to witchcraft and the occult, similar to the original.


The film is co-produced by Jason Blum under his Blumhouse Productions, which is known for producing low-budget horror films such as ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘The Purge.’

Directed and written by Zoe Lister-Jones, ‘The Craft Legacy’ stars Cailee Spaeny, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone, Zoey Luna, Nicholas Galitzine, with Michelle Monaghan and David Duchovny.

‘The Craft Legacy’ will be released on Video on demand on Wednesday, October 28.


We have some funny and creepy dialogues from the trailer. Check out Dialogues below:

“Come on in to meet the boys they’re really excited to meet you” – David Duchovny
“How you feeling about school? You can meet some new friends” – Michelle Monaghan
“Hey it happens to everyone” – Lovie Simone
“He’s made us all cry at one point or another” – Zoey Luna
“This is a ceremony to celebrate you” – Lovie Simone
“Half the battle of having powers is believing you do that’s why covens have always been important” – Zoey Luna
“If we can do that what else can we do” – Zoey Luna
“She’s right. The number one rule of the craft: If a person is a danger to herself or others they will be bound” – Gideon Adlon
“I was starting to get a little worried” – Michelle Monaghan
“Oh we’ve gone too far” – Zoey Luna
“Was this just like some game tv?” – Lovie Simone
“I feel different” – Cailee Spaeny
“We are the weirdos. Mister” – Cailee Spaeny