‘Wander Darkly’ trailer: Sienna Miller’s powerful dialogues

'Wander Darkly' trailer is out now and it sees Sienna Miller drifting through her relationship with Diego Luna.


‘Wander Darkly’ trailer is out now and it sees Sienna Miller drifting through her relationship with Diego Luna.

The film, which premiered at this years Sundance Film Festival, was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize in the Dramatic category and garnered rave reviews from critics.

Tara Miele’s darkly surreal romance ‘Wander Darkly,’ follows the disorienting journey of a couple’s shared moments, wondering whether the afterlife is a collection of your fears, regrets, loves, and losses.


Here’s the official synopsis for ‘Wander Darkly’: “A traumatic accident leaves a couple, Adrienne (Miller) and Matteo (Luna), in a surreal state of being that takes them on a disorienting journey through the duality of their shared moments.”

“By reliving fond recollections from the beginning of their romance while also navigating the overwhelming truths of their present, they must rediscover the love that truly binds them together.”

“Writer/director Tara Miele offers a profound new perspective on the delicate nature of relationships with this emotionally moving story about a couple who must reflect on their past in order to face their uncertain future.”


Apart from Miller and Luna, the film also stars Vanessa Bayer, Tory Kittles, Aimee Carrero, and legendary character actress Beth Grant.

‘Wander Darkly’ is produced by Lynette Howell Taylor, Samantha Housman, Shivani Rawat and Monica Levinson.

Lionsgate will release the film on Dec. 11 in select theaters and on VOD.


We have some powerful dialogues from the film’s trailer. Check out Dialogues below:

“I’ve told this story so many times, it’s almost like it’s a fantasy” – Sienna Miller
“This was real… this is real” – Diego Luna
“You know, we both deserve to be happy” – Sienna Miller
“Why are we even together anymore?” – Sienna Miller
“We have a newborn baby. We just closed escrow. You want to split up?” – Diego Luna
“To everything there is a season… in time to be born and a time to die” – Diego Luna
“What do you think happens when you die?” – Sienna Miller
“What if it’s some extension or manifestation of your fears?” – Sienna Miller
“This wasn’t the beginning of the end” – Diego Luna