How much do you know about the James Bond films?


Skyfall (2012)

After an operation in Istanbul ends in disaster, James Bond is missing and assumed to be dead. In the aftermath, questions are raised over M’s ability to run the Secret Service. She becomes the subject of a government review over her handling of the situation. The Secret Service itself is attacked, prompting Bond’s return to London. His presence assists MI6’s investigation in unearthing a lead. Bond is sent to Shanghai and Macau in pursuit of a mercenary named Patrice. There, he establishes a connection to Raoul Silva, a former MI6 agent who was captured and tortured by Chinese agents. Blaming M for his imprisonment, he sets in motion a plan to ruin her reputation before murdering her. James Bond saves M and attempts to lure Silva into a trap, and while he is successful in repelling Silva’s assault, M is mortally wounded. Bond returns to active duty under the command of the new M, Gareth Mallory.

Spectre (2015)

Following her death in Skyfall, M sends Bond a posthumous message that leads him to thwart a terrorist attack in Mexico City. Gareth Mallory takes Bond off active duty for his illegal operation. Bond continues his investigation off the books. The trail leads him first to Rome, where he learns of a sinister terrorist organisation known as ‘Spectre’ later to Austria where he finds former adversary Mr. White, whom Spectre ordered to murder, dying of thallium poisoning. White asks Bond to protect his daughter Madeleine Swann from Spectre and its leader, Franz Oberhauser, before committing suicide.

Meanwhile, Mallory comes under pressure to have British intelligence join a global intelligence-sharing network code-named ‘Nine Eyes’. With Swann’s help, Bond tracks Spectre to Morocco and learns that Spectre is behind the terror attacks, creating a need for Nine Eyes. Spectre controls Nine Eyes, giving them access to the intelligence-sharing network. Oberhauser captures and tortures Bond, revealing that his father was Bond’s guardian after the deaths of Bond’s parents. Now known as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, he claims responsibility for everything Bond has suffered in his career. Bond and Swann escape and return to London where Bond joins forces with Mallory and Q to shut down Nine Eyes and apprehend Blofeld.


No Time to Die (2020)
In the latest instalment James Bond has left active service when his friend Felix Leiter enlists his help in the search of a missing scientist. When it becomes apparent that the scientist was abducted, Bond must confront a danger which the world has never seen before.

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