Apurva Asrani on B'wood: Work was great, but the industry 'not so pretty'


“Aligarh” writer Apurva Asrani, who recently came out on his sexuality, says he decided to prioritise his life over the past three years.

Apurva took to Twitter and shared a video of himself walking back home after buying flowers, vegetable and fruits.

“It’s great to put flowers in your house. It’s great to live in nature and to choose more sustainable life. I love making movies, love writing them …but I decided that it’s never going to be at the cost of my own needs and my own life which I have decided to prioritise over the last three years,” Apurva says in the video.


He said he loves the city Bombay and the opportunities there.

“I love Bombay and the opportunities there but I felt like I was rushing everyday every morning to do everything. My mornings were not there for myself. I would compromise my own needs because traffic filled city… always late for everything. So this is my effort to give myself this life. It’s cheaper and it’s far more gratifying so.,” he said.

While captioning the image, he tagged the industry as “not so well.”


“Two and a half years ago, I began to feel that my #Bombay was getting too toxic for my own good. The work was great, but the industry ways, well, not so pretty. The city was beautiful, but the people had stopped caring about it. That’s when I decided to prioritise myself,” he captioned the image.

Asrani recently shared that he and his partner Siddhant pretended to be cousins for 13 years, so that they could rent a home in Mumbai together. He shared on the micro-blogging website that the couple has finally managed to buy a home in Mumbai.

The gay couple also disclosed their actual relationship to neighbours.


In 2001, Apurva won the National Film Award for Best Editing for “Snip!”, a bilingual comedy directed by Sunhil Sippy.

He has also worked in films like “Satya”, “Shahid”, “Aligarh” and “Made In Heaven”.





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Apurva Asrani on B'wood: Work was great, but the industry 'not so pretty' 1

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