Monday, October 18, 2021

'Dark Phoenix' director: Interesting to see Magneto entering MCU

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“X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, the final film in the franchise that released last year, actually has a scene with what could be considered as a hidden reference to the Avengers.

Despite not being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the space scene of “Dark Phoenix” mimics “Captain Marvel”, in which an existing jet is modified to reach Earth’s orbit.

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Director Simon Kinberg said: “Well you know I grew up reading the comics and they were part of the MCU, I mean not the MCU but the MU. For me it’s very natural for the X-Men to be part of the larger Marvel universe. I still remember the iconic cover of them with the Avengers. I’d love to see them interacting with all the other Marvel characters, they are going to be now. So I am excited to see what all its going to look like.”

“There is just something interesting to see Magneto entering the MCU because his tonality is so different than the tones of those films. The possibilities are limitless but I do like the idea of Magneto with Thor or with some of the more comedic characters and seeing what the interaction could be like,” added, the maker of “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, which is to air on Star Movies.

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