Monday, October 18, 2021

EDM duo Lost Stories ready with new song 'Noor'

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Rishab Joshi and Prayag Mehta, or the EDM duo Lost Stories, have come up with their new song, “Noor”.

The track, which features the vices of Zaeden and Akanksha Bhandari, is about a girl patiently waiting for the love of her life to return.

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“We wanted to create a novel sound that had a callback factor and yet is unique. The vocals by Akanksha and Sahil (Zaeden’s original name) are beautiful and our production had to do complete justice to them, without overpowering the vocals. I think we have reached a perfect harmony of balance and novelty with this track,” the duo said.

Zaeden too shared his experience of working on “Noor”.

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“Personally, as an evolving singer, a project like ‘Noor’ has given me a perspective about how multi-genre tracks work. Lost Stories and Akanksha Bhandari bring refreshing takes to the table and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this project,” he said.


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