Monday, October 18, 2021

Jackie Chan on why he loves making movies

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Action star Jackie Chan says he loves making movies as while doing so, he doesn’t have to travel or do interviews.

“I love making movies because when I am making a film, I don’t have to do interviews and I don’t have to travel. I don’t have to go to television programmes either,” he said.

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“I was in the same hotel for four months for this film (‘The Forbidden Kingdom’). I had so much time for training. I love making movies, it’s just like training every day,” he added.

“The Forbidden Kingdom”, a 2008 martial arts action film, saw Jackie and action star Jet Li collaborating for the first time.

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“The funny thing is that on the first day on the set, after the choreography had finished I had asked to take a look at the two stunt guys and they were demonstrating, then I looked at Jet and Jet looked at me, I said ‘Do it one more time’. After that was done, I said ‘Okay!’ Then the stunt co-ordinator said ‘Okay, let’s do rehearsal!’ I said ‘No! Let’s shoot!’ I had remembered everything…the rhythm and then Jet looked at me and he also said ‘Let’s shoot!’ I was just teasing him but boom!” said Jackie.

“When the camera started rolling, we started to fight and after that we were so happy. We finished and we didn’t miss a single punch but the director said ‘One more time’. We both asked ‘Why?!’ The director said ‘You guys are too fast!’ This is because when you show off, I show off! Then I said ‘Jet Slow down!’ And he said ‘You slow down!’ We were friends before the movie but after shooting the movie we have become good friends! Now we are buddies … very good buddies,” he added.

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“The Forbidden Kingdom” was recently aired on Star Movies.



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