Sunday, October 24, 2021

Kushal Tandon: Dark web as theme yet to be explored in Bollywood

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Actor Kushal Tandon, who plays a pivotal role in the upcoming digital film “Unlock”, says the story of the film is unique because it explores the theme of the dark web.

“The genre of dark web is not explored in Bollywood and it is synonymous to the times we live in. ‘Unlock’ is a one-of-a-kind suspense thriller that will leave the audience hooked. The reality is getting blurred with digital advancement and, who knows, soon we will have an assistant voice as our best friend!” Kushal said.

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His co-star Hina Khan added: “This is my second feature film narrative around the dark web, after ‘Hacked’. This film will take the thriller quotient a notch higher. The subject of dark web has not been explored much in India, and the teaser does complete justice to the plot of the film. We want to reach out to the young audience, to give them a reality check on the dark web.”

The story of the film revolves around two people, Suhani and Amar. The teaser unveils how Suhani ends up installing a diabolical app off the web, only to win over the love of her life Amar. But eventually, her compulsive addiction with the app’s virtual assistant voice takes her to a different journey to fulfil her darkest wishes.

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Directed by Debatma Mandal, the film releases on ZEE5 on June 27.


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