Kushal Tandon: Dark web is something many people don't know about

Actors Kushal Tandon and Hina Khans film “Unlock” is all set to release on OTT. Kushal says he learned a lot from the shooting process adding that dark web is something many dont know about.

“It’s gripping and exciting. I absolutely loved the way the director shot the film. I have learned a lot from his shooting process. The concept is unique, and people will relate to it. Dark web is something many people don’t know about,” Kushal said.

The story of the film revolves around two people, Suhani and Amar. It shows how Suhani ends up installing a diabolical app off the web, only to win over the love of her life Amar. But eventually, her compulsive addiction with the app’s virtual assistant voice takes her to a different journey to fulfil her darkest wishes.


Hina added: “I think the film unlocked a range of performances in me, which I credit to the director. And, I realised that no matter how you are as an actor, if you listen to director’s directions, one can see the result. I’m sure everyone is going to love it, once they watch Unlock. It has entertainment, thrill and suspense.”

The film also stars Aditi Arya. Directed by Debatma Mandal and will premiere on June 27 on ZEE5.






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