Mena Massoud wants Aladdin's pants


“Aladdin” actor Mena Massoud wants to wear Aladdin’s pants whenever he steps out. Oscar-nominated costume designer Michael Wilkinson created garments from jewel-tone fabrics to help tell the story of a princess and a street rat, a sultan, and a vizier in “Aladdin”.

On Michael’s attention to details, Mena said: “It was a bit of journey trying to get the look exactly the way we wanted, especially for Aladdin. Michael wanted it to be authentic to this part of the world and the era that we were living in this world of Agrabah but we also wanted to modernise it in a little bit sense that – we wanted people to relate to it.”

“So we worked on certain aspects, trying to slim down certain things where can we keep it baggy, where can we slim it down, where can we add certain textures that are cool,” he added.


One of the things that he loved about the film for Aladdin was the vest that he wears.

“That is a multifunctional vest, it is very appropriate because Aladdin doesn’t have a lot of clothes. So he needs 1 or 2 pieces that can really help him survive, so he has a secret pocket in the vest in the back where he can hide things that he steals, he has a hood where Abu can sit and lounge its thick because he is out in the desert and it gets really cold at night. So he was able to bring all these different things and combine them. we were able to alter them and I think they make them look really cool. I mean people would like to wear these clothes when they go out like I want to wear Aladdin’s pants when I go out on a daily basis,” he said.

The live action adaptation of “Aladdin” will be aired on Star Movies on May 31.






Mena Massoud wants Aladdin's pants 2

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