Mohan Kannan sings a 'fun, quirky' song


Singer Mohan Kannan, who has been part of soundtracks of films like “Queen” and “Panga”, enjoyed singing “Kaand” with quirky lyrics.

The song for the film “Chaman Bahaar” starts off in lower tempo and then takes listeners by surprise as it suddenly branches off to an upbeat and fast tempo, giving the whole composition a rock feel.

The video also has Mohan making an appearance, even as the film’s hero, played by Jitendra Kumar, goes through various ordeals in the quest for his love.


The song has been composed by Anshuman Mukherjee and has lyrics by Apurv Dhar Bhadgaiyan.

“This song is, in so many ways, very different from most of the songs you’ll normally associate me or my voice with. The lyrics are fun and quirky and aggressive and the composition is satirical, moving to a full-on rock vibe. And I had an absolute blast recording it. When I hear the final master, I still feel surprised to hear my voice back on the song, so kudos to Anshuman for having thought of me and, of course, for composing this beautifully. Kudos to Apurv for the super lyrics too,” said Mohan.






Mohan Kannan sings a 'fun, quirky' song 1

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