Monday, October 18, 2021

'Penguin' makers not to reveal the actor behind mask of villain until release

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Makers of the upcoming digital release “Penguin” aim to keep the mystery element about the film intact till its release on June 19.

Ever since the trailer was launched, many wondered who plays the villain in the film. Apparently, only the few involved in the process of filmmaking know who the actor is.

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“I wanted to keep the element of mystery and thrill going throughout. For that purpose, none of the crew members also knew who the antagonist was, behind that mask. We were shooting with a small team and it was even more difficult to maintain that suspense with less number of people,” said the film’s director Eshavar Karthic.

“Everyone would be making a guess but no one knew. I wanted everyone to unfold the surprise at the end which made it all real with the thriller. Everyone was jumping when we were shooting the climax scene because they were so keen,” he added.

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Starring Keerthy Suresh, the Amazon Prime video release has been shot simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu and will also be released in a Malayalam-dubbed version, too.


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