Prateek Kuhad collaborates with fans on new music video

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Singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad has released a new video of his song “Kasoor” that includes fan submissions from across the globe.

He had written the song in 2017 and has often performed the number at live shows.

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The new video captures real human emotion on camera, as fans had to record themselves responding to certain questions with just their expressions. The gamut of emotions on display –- irrespective of age, gender or sexual orientation -– underline the universality of love.

“I have about 15,000 email subscribers on my mailing list – these are all fans who have signed up over the years. So I sent them an email asking them if they’d be interested in being part of a project (they didn’t know it was a music video at the time) and many of them replied positively. So we sent them a video with a bunch of questions and prompts and asked them to react naturally on their phone cameras and send that video back to us. We got around 400 videos back! Jugaad Motion Pictures used these to create the final music video,” Prateek told IANS.

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“Kasoor” is available for streaming now.

Prateek has given many hits, including “cold/mess”, which featured in former US President Barack Obama’s list of 35 favourite songs of 2019.

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