Ricky Gervais stopped meat but can't give up wine


Comedian Ricky Gervais says he stopped eating meat and tried adapting healthy dietary practices, but he can’t stop drinking wine.

“I sort of gave up meat to try to be healthier, but with me it’s the wine. I don’t want to stop drinking wine. I’d be quite happy (if you) just put me in a bucket full of wine just there, just watching (TV),” he admitted.

Gervais has also revealed on that he prefers Italian food during his international travel schedules.


In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Ricky spoke about his favourite dishes and his love for Italian food, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“If I am in a new city and I want to experience a nice restaurant, wherever we are in the world, it’s always Italian. Because I know it’s going to be good and the same. I know exactly what I can eat, I understand it. So I know I can have a plate of penne pesto or something like that so I do love a real self-indulgent plate of pasta and a red wine wherever I go. You can’t beat pizza and pasta, you really can’t,” he said.

Gervais shared how he decided to lose weight, too. “I was always thin growing up until I’m 30, and those were my eating years, and then at 40 I remember it was one Christmas I ate 11 sausages and I was saying to (girlfriend) Jane, ‘I’m having a heart attack’. I decided to get fit and I lost about 20 pounds at about 48 or 49, and now it’s steadily going back on again,” he said.






Ricky Gervais stopped meat but can't give up wine 1

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