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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Vijayendra Kumeria on 'Naagin 4' going off air

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Producer Ekta Kapoor recently confirmed that “Naagin 4” is going to end soon. Among those surprised are cast members including Vijayendra Kumeria, though he says as an actor he is always prepared for such surprises.

“When I got to know I was of course taken aback for a moment. Then in the next few moments, I was fine as it has to happen with every show. So as an actor, I am always prepared for such surprises. I am sure something good will be coming my way,” Vijayendra said.

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Ekta had thanked her show’s actors in a video.

“It was a short but a very special experience to work for Balaji as I always wanted to. My wish came true. About Ekta ma’am, I would say that she is the best and it was sweet of her to come out with this video, not every producer does that,” he said.

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The “Chhoti Bahu” star is keen on doing a web series now.

Meanwhile, Ekta has said: “We are ending ‘Naagin 4’ and then getting back to ‘Naagin 5’ immediately.”

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