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Woh ek ko pakadti hai, doosre ko lipatti hai, teesre ko dekhti hai ... aur chauthe ko chedti hai
Tum mard zaat ke naam pe ek dhabba ho ... dhabba toh kya dhabba ke abba ho
Na rahega bambu, na rahega tambu ... na rahega tent, aur na hogi engagement
Meri apni khud ki ek personal biwi hai
Maine tujhe dhoonda yahan vahan sara jahan kahan kahan kahan ... tu mujhe mili yahan yahan yahan?

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     ▪  When Govinda and Rani leave for Europe they are shown toting along a whole lotta luggage. So how come when they return all they have is a single satchel each.Govinda and Rani are shown to be shopping in Europe. So how come the shop they enter is the KBN store at Bandra, Mumbai, they even have KBN shopping bags.Rani is rushing to airport to catch Govinda towards the end of the movie, when she hits to policemen. Then Johnny Lever duo come to her help and rescue her by defeating the policemen in Kabaddi. So how come Johnny Lever duo come to know that Rani has to reach airport to catch Govinda, when they are meeting Rani for the fist time? Rani's house is shown in Delhi, but the actual bungalow is in Powai-Mumbai at Hiranandani Complex. Govinda and Rani board the plane with small cabin bag each . So how come Govinda changes his costumes so frequently to trouble Rani while on board.
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