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     ▪  The Maruti Esteem which Kader Khan and Satish Shah use to drive to Anupam Kher’s house has private Taxi number plates (i.e. white backgound with black numbers). So how come in the next scene the car has black background with white numbers.On Sanjay Dutt landing in Goa to woo Pooja Batra. So how come on landing he strides in Juhu Centaur at Mumbai. During the song Sharmana chhod daal Karisma, Sunjay and Govida are in Goa. So how come in between the song Govinda says, 'Yeh Mumbai hai Mumbai.' During the song I love you bol daal, Karisma’s hair-style changes in every shot. In the movie, Pooja Batra rides on horse back to the market place to find Sanjay Dutt and kisses him. When she leaves her house to do so, she encounters her aunt who questions her where she is going. So how come when Pooja arrives at the market place, her aunt is already there?.
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