Kajol's suitcase gets left on the train when she misses it...and then how come in the scenes that follow...her clothes change all the time, when all she had with her was her little purse? And SRK on the other hand had his back-pack with him and he rarely had a costume change? Weird na?
When Kajol is running to Shahrukh after her father has allowed her, she is wearing a heavy wedding suit. But how can she possibly run
faster than a train that has started moving five minutes ago???She must be a pretty fast runner!
When Shahrukh goes to Kajol's house and finds out she went to Punjab forever he finds the cowbell. How does he know where she lives in London AND Punjab when she never to told him where she lived?
When Kajol rushes into the train her suitcase opens and while she repacks it nothing is shown as left behind in the compartment. So how come later Shah Rukh picks up a Bra from God knows where.
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