Just after Shahrukh and Madhuri marry, Shahrukh dreams that he burns his fingers on the pan and Madhuri licks them to cool them down. So how comes near the end of the film, when Madhuri is sitting on the rocks, she looks back at that same moment which never happened?

In the parking lot, when Sanjay Dutt is attacked by his former employee he is hit on the back of his head. But when rushed into the hospital by Karishma, his wound switches to the the front of his head (forehead). I guess the director had to have his face in the shot, but couldn't he have just let Sanjay get his in his forehead???

In the climax, Bobby Deol types in the password "everything is planned" on the screen to access Akshay Kumar's bank account on-line. How comes the password is shown in full words on the screen? Don't the directors know that passwords are supposed to be encrypted?

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