When Rani is getting ready for her wedding and Saif is talking to the girls about not getting married, he gives them examples such as Romeo and Juliet. Saif says that Romeo and Juliet didn't get married and were very content in not getting married, when in Romeo and Juliet they did get married and killed themselves when they saw each other dead.
In the movie just after the interval, Saif Ali Khan is eager to talk to
Rani Mukherjee.So Rishi Kapoor ,who plays Saif`s Father in the movie gives
him his mobile, Nokia 7210. But when Saif is shown talking to Rani`s mom,Kirron Kher, he has a Sony Erricson T610 in his hand. What a Transformation !
In the end, when Rhea and Karaan are admiring their newborn baby and the nurse at the hospital brings a BALD baby boy in, Karan starts cursing the baby boy. But when they show both the babies, the baby boy has a thick layer of black hair. So did the director use stick-on hair to convert the baby boy's hair from a complete blad to so much black hair?

In the Rani's marriage sequence, Saif Ali Khan receives call from Suzi saying that his leave is cancelled and he says that he has got good offer from Indiatimes and in the very next scene, Rani's friends(Priya and others) see's indiatimes and says that she regularly read's Hum-Tum in Indiatimes. Howcome that is possible as Saif has yet received the offer?
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