So how come if Twinkle Khanna is wearing black jeans while waiting outside Akshay Kumar's bungalow in the rain. Akshay comes out, takes her for a meal to the nearby dhaba her jeans turn blue.An informer calls from Toronto to inform Akshay Kumar about Rajat Bedi and Twinkle Khanna's hiding place. So how come the Akshay reaches there in a few minutes.

An advocate states that there's no case registered against Akshay Kumar. So how come a while later Rajat Bedi displays an entire file of cases registered against Akshay.

Twinkle Khanna jumps off an airplane without a parachute. Akshay Kumar also jumps but with a parachute. After some mid-air action with the bad guys, Akshay catches Twinkle and saves her. So how come the law of gravity does not apply over here.

Akshay Kumar calls Mukesh Khanna “Bismillah Chacha” in some scenes and “Abba Jaan” in others. So how come nobody told Akshay the difference between father and uncle.
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