When kareena is going to the prom she is wearing her red outfit with a scarf.When she reaches the prom she is suddenly wearing a red coat and the scarf is gone!
When Kareena and Hrithik are kids, Kareena says the tounge twister which is 'Chandu ki Chacha, ne Chandu ki chachi ko chandni raat mein chandi chawk mein chandni chamak se chutney chutaye...' but after the song 'Deewana Hai Dehko' Hrithik says 'Chandu ki Chacha, ne Chandu ki chachi ko chandi chawk mein chandni chamak se chutney chutaye...Finally got it'...HMMM I guess he didn't finally get it.
When in Lodon, Hrithik is giving SRK a lift, both of them aren't wearing any seat belts? And i do know that in London and other western countries, there are strict laws on wearing your seat belts?

Also, when Kareena comes into her college...she tells this guy to park her car...but he never does that! You can still see the car parked where she parked it.
Last ball of the cricket match. 1 ball and 6 runs needed. Guess what, the ball is shining and unused !!
just before the song U R MY SONIYA in movie HRITHIK tells KAREENA that she is wearing wronfg pair of sandals and in the song when u notice her sandals, she is wearing the correct pair of sandals
Just after 'Shava Shava', Amitabh starts to sing 'Aati Kya Khandala' to Jaya, but this is set ten years before the present, so that would make it some years before Ghulam was even made! Also, at a few points in the movie, you see Amitabh using a Nokia Communicator, and this was also set in the flashback, so the Nokia corporation aswell as the product were not even invented!
In KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GHAM when Kareena goes to college prom and calls her
friends how come both of them receive that call at same time or even how can
it be possible that she can call MORE than one person at a time.Has KARAN JOHAR really invented a mobile phone through which we can call more than
one person at a time.If it is so i would really like to have one too.
Hrithik is in red Ferarri car when he's behind Kareena and her friends at their college. Then, he's shown driving a Mercedes convertible. How come SRK & Kajol aren't suspicious of him having two costly cars (he sure has to park his car at SRK's house if he's staying there as guest). Also, no one's is bothered to know about his wealthy family back in India.When Hrithik calls home to speak to his parents for the first time from SRK's house in London. SRK then redicules saying 'long distance call'. How come SRK doesn't check for the 'long distance call' on the mothly phone bill to see that the call was made to India at their own parent's house. OR did the phone number changed for a big palacial house over the years.
Guys dis is the most best blooper seen by me on any movie.
When Hrithik was a kid he had 5 fingers on his hand But as soon as he returns from boarding he gets 6 fingers.Is that possible Mr. Karan Johar?
Before the song You Are My Soniya, Kareena tells Hrithik that she is leaving for the prom. Then, he tells her that both her shoes are different. She tells him that this is the fashion. But in the song, she is wearing totally different ones, that she did not wear in the scene
Amitabh singing "Aye kya bolti tu" in Diwali of 1992 whereas the song was released in 1997 in the movie Ghulam.
Amitabh is using the Nokia communicator in 1992 whereas Nokia itself launched it from 1998 onwards. May be he is a secret test dummy for Nokia!
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