When Hrithik II is in temple waiting for Hrithik I’s brother, his wound is shown to be in Right hand, and then how come when his brother touches the wound it is on Left hand? May be it got transferred by the time.
When Amisha Patel and Hrithik Roshan wake up on the boat after being abandoned from the ship, she is wearing heels, but when the island comes and she starts running on the land, where do her heels go?
Raj (HR) is shot in the arm the day he arrives, in the very next scene he is playing the guitar to the music notes made by Rohit (The earlier HR) with the hand as good as new, sporting tanned muscles ! Gunshots heal in a day.
After the song, SITARON KI MEHFIL.....hrithik sings the title track......so how does he know the dance step of kaho na pyaar hai?????

In the climax scene in Kaho Naa...Pyaar hai when Hritik is trying to find the identity of SIR JI Using a mobile phone. We first see the phones display and can clearly see its a Nokia mobile phone from this display... so how come when Hritik is shown in full with the phone in his hand it changes to a completely different make of Phone and not the Nokia we had seen the display of.

When Amisha Patel is trying to fly back to India to escape Hritik Roshan II, Hritik manages to a) get a VISA (He's never been outside New Zealand before, remember?) b) buy 1st class tickets, c)board the plane and d)change into a sardarji outfit in 15 minutes?
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