When Naseeruddin Shah in the end foresee his future on the computer that he is going to die after locating Hritik on the islannd, he mentions that – ab taqat se nahin par dimag istimaal karna padega…Just in a gap of 3 minutes, Priyanka Chopra is in the custody of Naseeruddin Shah. How come is it possible in 3 minutes, to go to the Singapore city from the island and bring Priyanka back in such a short time….
When Krishna Mehra’s father Rohit Mehra goes to Singapore for a two year period,Nisha and Rohit were childless, There comes news that he is going to come back after two years. His mother Sonia Mehra says that Nisha is going to have a baby. How come is this possible that in a two year period husband not available and wife becomes pregnant with his child??
Was Krishna the only blessed person in the movie or was the character played by Mr. Naserrudin Shah also blessed with super-human speed ? In the climax,Nasserudin Shah shoots 2 bullets at Priyanka Chopra and Hrithik Roshan(Rohit).What boggles my mind is that how could he shoot the second bullet before the first one has travelled even 10 feet ? Infact the bullets are shown as if coming out almost simultaneously from a non-automatic pistol .
Mr. Rakesh Roshan there are many more scientific flaws in the movie too. Like the concept of a computer that shows future. How can a computer show live action from the future without actually being there or time travel….. The idea of numerology calculation and interpretation of the result as the future is far more appropriate. There are many more that will make the movie a child’s play.
in krrish in the last scene it is shown that Hrithik runs faster than the bullet and saves both love.

however a few scenes back while chasing the helicopter it is shown that he can hardly even overtake a car !!!!!
1. DR. Arya spares the life of Rohit as his retina scan and hearbeat are needed as passwords for the computer. But the computer is already destroyed and a new one has to be made, so wouldnt a new password be assigned to a new computer ??? How can you have a password for a computer which you have to make all over again ?2. In the last scene when the 2 hrithik roshans, rekha and priyanka chopra are standing outside the house and the star kind of thing appears in the sky, Priyanka chopra is looking at the wrong side of the sky and smiling away.

3. Preity zinta's character gets pregnant while rohit is away for 2 years.

4. Priyanka chopra's character wants to touch krishna to see if is a bhoot or no, but a few scenes ago he had saved her while she was paragliding.. well he did touch her then as he saves her life and carries her down from the treetops
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