Lagaan was shot in the late 19th century. At the time, an over in cricket used to consist of 8 balls. But in this movie, an over has 6 balls. Maybe modern cricket learnt from the movie.
In lagaan, the rainy season is seen in 'ghanan ghanan' song which is more than half of the rainy season. then after a few days the officer tells aamir to play cricket against him. he gives him 3 months for preparation. then when the match get over suddenly the rain come. how come the director can make the rainy season so long?
In Lagaan they show six ball overs and the overstepping no-ball rule. During those days, not only did they have 8 ball overs but also the no ball rule was very different.
Bhuvan (Aamir Khan) hits a Six at the last ball to win the match for Champaner, against the Britishers. Hey! Sixers weren't in the game of cricket back then. Sixers came into existence much later, when cricketers had started using appropriate pads, gloves
and rules.
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