In the song Gori Gori in Main Hoon Na, In the beginning of the song Shahrukh Khan and Zayed Khan are dancing with their tuxedo's on with a bow-tie around their necks and during the middle of the song they take their jackets off and dance with shirts 1/4 opened and during the end of the song they have jackets back on and shirts buttoned up with bow-tie back around their neck.
in the movie main hoon na , they show that sharukh khan and zayed khan get graduated and they are shown in lawyers graduation dress....this shows that they studied law.....but there is no chemistry subject in law studies......sushmita sen is their chemistry teacher ! how come ?????
in the film main hoo naa shah rukh chases the villain on a rickshaw but there are no rickshaws in darjiling.
"Before the Dream Sequence song `Tumse Milke Dil....`, Amrita Rao is shown entering the college wearing a pink Salwar - Kameez, but after the song she is shown walking inside the college premises wearing a Blue top and Trousers. How did she change so fast ? "
The bloopers are when Shah rukh is riding rickshaw and the pole was tossed at him did u people notice how the pole was rotating and at the last moment did not rotate and went through the richshaw and it was the only rickshaw in the world to have disc brakes hahaha and how the hell did shah rukh managed to keep his tests protected after he landed a hugh matrix jump on rickshaw.
In the title song, after the race, Amrita Rao hits Zayed Khan on his left leg with the bottle. But later when Shah Rukh Khan is helping him walk he is walking on his left leg and hopping off of his right leg.
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