Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? movie bloopers
Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?
When Paresh Rawal, comes in with his 3 friends, after some time Ajay Devgan go outside empty hands to do his work. In the park, he is working on LapTop. From where the LapTop comes??
Housefull movie bloopers
In the Movie HouseFull in the last scene wherein Akshay Kumar visits Buckingham Palace, London, a Tempo Traveler comes for refilling the AC GAs.The temp bears a Karnataka reg No KA-51!
Badmaash Company movie bloopers
Badmaash Company
In the movie badmaash company, when the friends company travel to the USA, how come the director did'nt notice that the "world trade center" is visible in the first shot of the US??? whereas a matter of fact the WTC was destroyed in 2001.
Raavan movie bloopers
Watching Raavan itself is a goof up, what is the movie trying to communicate, the entire police force cannot reach abhishek and his gang and mr. monkey (Govinda) reaches them and chats up with them and comes back and yet the force could not find them. One of the characters hand is cut off by abhishek and he is hanging from a tree, the police bring him down and he is stil...
Kambakkht Ishq movie bloopers
Kambakkht Ishq
Even if Kareena Kapoor conveniently forgets to take off her watch before a crucial surgery, it's funny how none of her colleagues take notice, of this 'I-am-so-obvious-even-the-youngest-member-in-the-audience-can-spot-me' dangling time piece, either.
Kidnap movie bloopers
Imran Khan kidnaps Minnisha Lamba and keeps her in some place near Mumbai. Rahul Dev traces his call and identifies the location as Madgaon, which actually is in Goa. Till this time it's fine, however Sanjay Dutt, Rahul Dev reach this place in some time. How can someone reach Goa in some time
Aakrosh movie bloopers
In Ooty Sunil Shetty sees Mohan Joshi in an ambassador No.TNN 4242. So how come after the chase is car number is MRJ 6604.
Don movie bloopers
The Original DON makes a disc of all his contacts and keeps in the safe.when arjun rampal gets it from vardhan(aka DCP) he takes it to a friend and see all the info and wants to sell it. BUT the error is inthe end when DON is telling the story how he exchanged himself with the paanwala SRK he says the disc NEVER had anything it was empty the whole time.
Dil Chahta Hai movie bloopers
Dil Chahta Hai
In Dil Chaita Hai they are seen in the sydney city, (CBD), so how come they are shown going down to Homebush station when the CBD and Homebush are 2 totally different suburbs.
Ajnabee movie bloopers
This is the biggest blooper i have ever seen in any bollywood movie..... near the end akshay and bipasha are escaping on a ship.... they are going from switzerland.... but switzerland is not surrounded by any water or sea..... it is surrounded by other
countries..... so how can they sail from switzerland..... did the director create a sea for the film.....
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