In Om Shanti Om, after reincarnation Shahrukh(Om Kapoor) gets scared whenever he see some fire around him even after getting the memories of old Om he gets scared of fire when a waiter brought some fire close to him while he was talking to Arjun Rampal in a hotel) . Then how come he is not scared of too much fire around him in the climax... May be it was something like DON.... I mean he was actually Om Prakash Makhija in the end and not Om Kapoor (OK)
During the scene where SRK tries to save Deepika in the Studio fire, it is shown that Deepika is standing at the studio door and is watching SRK thru the glass window. In the next scene we see SRK breaking the glass. Which means Deepika is still near the studio door.
The very next scene we see SRK shouting for Shanti (Deepika) and searching her in the studio. How come Deepika vanished all of sudden in a second's time.
We then see Deepika standing on the steps far away and crying for help.. Quite amazing, isn't it!!!
During the fire in the studio, SRK tries to break the small glass window and enter the studio. The glass window in the studio door is just enough for a person to enter in. After his death and reincarnation, he visits the studio and see the studio door. the glass window is shown broken. but it's not even big enough for child to enter in, then how could SRK squeeze in thru the broken glass window.. or did he enter from some other place.. if so.. then why did he break the glass window..
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