When Rati dies, Jackie is shown to be yelling out for help...and no one comes to help...uh...thats impossible seeing as a) there were people there just before, b) police were present c) this is LONDON, people help each other!!

In the title song "Yaadein", when Jackie and family are in India...when the middle sister is shown pouring cereal in a bowl...there is nothing IN the box? No cereal, no nothing?
In yaadien, in the song eli re eli at the last where the 3 sisters are wearing purple top n silver pants there Kareena's hairstyle is changing .from the front it's looking like 2 ponnies and from the back it was diff.
In the song "Eli Re Eli" Kareena Kapoor is seen with her hair in pigtails when she and her sisters first step outside but then when Hrithik Roshan takes out a picture and the girls are all confused Kareena's hair is down then its in pigtails again. Did the make-up crew forget how she had her hair or did she change it herself?

In yaadein at first in the title song they show all the sisters tying a rakhee to hrithik roshan and then one of the sister that is kareena falls in love with him and gets married to him. GROSE!!!

In the movie Yaadein, when Rohit's mom comes (to the bar) to tell Raj that Rohit is missing. They are standing outside talking and you see in Raj's hand a full glass of beer, So how come a couple of lines later, the glass is empty and there is no residue on the glass (clean glass now)

How come Hrithik Roshan knows Jackie Shroff's address in India well enough to drive to the place when he has lived in England ?
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