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Interview : Pawan Gill

'JO HUM CHAHEIN has all the sensibilities that make a complete Yash Raj film'

The upcoming film JO HUM CHAHEIN has created a good buzz in the industry for its look and feel and reminds us of YRF style of movies. And why not? After all whatever filmmaking gyaan the debutant director Pawan Gill possess today is all because of YRF. As Pawan Gill has assisted the talented Aditya Chopra in his initial days. In conversation with the new director on the block.

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You started off your career working with Aditya Chopra. Tell us about your experience with him and on which all movies you assisted him?
I have been associated with YRF Films as a First AD for about 3 years from 2005 - 2008. I've grown up watching Hindi films and films by YRF are the ones that I enjoyed the most, so immediately after completing my film program from Vancouver Film School, I joined Yash Raj Films as a first AD on NEAL N NIKKI. After this I worked on several TV commercials at the YRF AD Cell, the DHOOM 2 videos, before being involved in a few writing assignments for film and television at Yash Raj. JO HUM CHAHEIN was a script I wrote for myself but with all the sensibilities that make a complete Yash Raj film, it's my ode to Yashji and Adi and their style of filmmaking, that I admire so much.

The world outside knows very little about Adi Chopra. Throw some light on Adi and his working style. What have you learnt from Adi in terms of filmmaking? Has Adi given his viewpoints while making JO HUM CHAHEIN?
Adi is very passionate about filmmaking, he makes films from his heart and always tries to connect to people's souls, and that's what I've learned from him, to follow your heart and make a film with a soul. But his prime advice is to make this soul connection in the right budget, so hope I've achieved all that.

Tell us about the shooting of the songs in Ladakh?

When I set out to make the love song of JO HUM CHAHEIN, one thing was clear on my mind, the song had to sweep me off my feet, just like all the love songs of YRF, but I just didn't want the song to be something people can listen to and fall in love with, I wanted a song that people can listen to and make love to. So 'Ishq Hothon Se' is my attempt to make a sensuous love song, a song you can listen to and make love to and that's the main reason why I chose to shoot it in Ladakh, because Ladakh's picturesque landscape was perfect for creating both the soft tender moments and the more pronounced sensual moments of the song. We shot the song in 4 days in late September, I actually wanted to shoot in Ladakh in early October when all the leaves on the trees would turn orange and red, but we were advised not to go then because it would be too cold to shoot, so we shot right before the fall chill came. Several songs have been shot in Ladakh before, so for 'Ishq Hothon Se' our aim was to attempt to shoot slightly differently, we covered almost the same locations that were used in such films like DIL SE, BUNTY AUR BABLI, TASHAN, 3 IDIOTS, but we tried to shoot them a little differently.

view JO HUM CHAHEIN movie stills
view JO HUM CHAHEIN movie stills

What are your expectations from JO HUM CHAHEIN?
JO HUM CHAHEIN is a coming of age story between two individuals; it's about how their love transforms over the course of the short time they spend together and how they go from being carefree to being more grounded and real. I expect the young people who come and watch it to connect with the characters and embrace them as their own and take the journey of Rohan and Neha back home with them. And of course I expect it to do well and cover its production costs so my producer can sanction me another film (Smiles).

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