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Interview : Evelyn Sharma

'Ranbir Kapoor is the hottest co-star!'

German model-turned actress has earned many a followers for her performance in the films like ISSAQ, NAUTANKI SAALA, YAARIYAN among others. However, it was her role of the bubbly 'Lara' in YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI that grabbed eye-balls. Below are excerpts from a brief conversation the saucy actress had with us where she talks about her journey in Bollywood, working with heartthrobs Ranbir Kapoor and Varun Dhawan, her upcoming films and her love for the country.

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download EVELYN SHARMA wallpapers

How did Bollywood happen to you?
Everything that happened was really out of the blue. I worked in real estate earlier in Germany and then one day out of nowhere I was offered a modelling contract worldwide. Like every girl, I said yes to it and started to travel all over the world as a model. Everyone advised me to go India and try my luck in Bollywood. And, I, of course, wanted to come to India to find my roots and explore the other side of me. So, four years ago, I decided to come to India and ever since something or the other happened. I did many modeling assignments that directors noticed me and called me for the movies. I did an acting course because I like to be prepared for the films.

Were your parents fine with your decision?

Well I grew up with my German mother and she is super proud of me. Everyone in my family is happy that I am living my dream.

Your characters in previous films have earned their reputation. How does it feel?

Honestly, I am never happy with my performance because I feel I can always do much better. But it is nice when people like it. Especially the 'Sunny Sunny' song is doing very well. It is good for my future. But for myself, I always feel I should do better.

"I would love to work with Shahrukh Khan"

You have worked with directors of different caliber. What has been your experience like?
It was great working with all of them - Rohan Sippy, David Dhawan and Ayan Mukerji. It is so fantastic to work with people who are established and experienced because you get to learn so much from them.

How was it working with Ranbir Kapoor in YJHD? What kind of a person is he?
Ranbir is a fun guy in real. He plays pranks on newbies and innocent people (like me). They easily become their victims. But on-screen, he is a fab actor and snaps into his character like in a minute. He is very supportive and makes you comfortable. While shooting for YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI in Manali, I was very tensed, because it was the first time I was working for a big project and there were so many Hindi dialogues. There was a lot of pressure on me. But Ranbir is spectacular. He gave me confidence and encouraged me a lot. Since then I started dubbing my dialogues in Hindi. So, yes I can say that YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI was a big step in my career.

Tell us about your character in MAIN TERA HERO
In MAIN TERA HERO I play a very comedy character called Veronica. She's very sexy, confident, wears expensive dresses but does not resemble Lara from YJHD. The situation in which Veronica finds herself is very funny. My character is a big surprise element in the movie.

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You have always played sexy roles. Do you think you would be typecast?
Well, you know the funny thing is that the movies which did exceptionally well, has me playing sexy characters. In NAUTANKI SAALA and FROM SYDNEY WITH LOVE I was playing traditional and geeky girl respectively. But they didn't really get noticed. In ISSAQ, I found my character very boring basically so I would like to forget about it. Only in YJHD and YAARIYAN I played a sexy girl. In fact, in my next film BHAIYYAJI SUPERHIT, I am playing the traditional Indian girl unlike the sex bomb. I have signed a new project - a solo heroine film, a completely different genre. The character is definitely hot but I will tell you about it more pretty soon. So yeah, I don't think I am being typecast.

Among the three dudes Ayushmann Khurrana, Varun Dhawan and Ranbir Kapoor, with whom you have worked, who do you think is the hottest co-star?

I would choose Ranbir Kapoor because we were shooting for over one year. So the whole cast became quite close. He taught me a lot and he is such a great person. I will treasure the shoot of YJHD.

'YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI was a big step in my career'

One actor whom you are looking forward to work with?

I am a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan. In Germany we only have Shahrukh Khan's Hindi movies. So I have learnt Bollywood by watching Shahrukh. So yes, I would love to work with him.

What do you love about India?

My favourite thing about India is that they invented Pajamas. That is my most loved clothing item. I can live all my life in a pajama.

And Bollywood?

The dance and the music is what I love about Bollywood.

- By Urvi Parikh, Glamsham Editorial

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