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Interview : Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut: I could relate to QUEEN at every level

Sparkling away as the protagonist of QUEEN, Kangana Ranaut gears up to win the hearts of audiences with this heart-warming flick. Ajit Ramachanddran quizzes the curly-haired stunner...

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Lush greenery, an expanse of brown sand and a posse of bungalows tucked away in suburban Mumbai. In one of them, a woman clad in a beige spaghetti-strap outfit, seated on a comfy chair and twirling her trademark curly locks is holding court with the media.

Nude lip-gloss bounces off light beautifully from her lips and the minimal make-up serves to flatter her looks amply. Byte-hungry channel crews and quote-thirsty reporters are waiting in line to engage Kangana Ranaut in a round of queries & replies.

Presently, the National Award-winning actress has turned all newsy, courtesy QUEEN, helmed by Vikas Bahl. Interestingly, the movie lassoed in loads of acclaim when it was premiered at the Busan International Film Festival. And Kangana Ranaut, shining in the eponymous role, is hopeful of winning many more hearts with her portrayal of Rani.

Role Call

Shedding light on her role in the Vikas Bahl-helmed flick, Kangana states, ''Usually, in our films, when a character has graph that shows a major change, it is done through the costumes and the 'look'. In the case of QUEEN, there is no change in the exterior, but it is the change in her mind-set that takes place. When Vikas narrated the character to me, I felt that this could easily be some girl whom I would have met in real life. She's a simple girl whose life takes a very different turn because something happens to Rani on her wedding day... that changes her life forever! Rani goes abroad, sees a different life and the circumstances there help the character to re-discover herself and find strength within herself.''


No cheap thrills!
Elaborating further on the highlights of QUEEN, Kangana states, ''I'm very sure that when girls see the film, every girl will feel that all that is happening to this character could have happened to me! Also, nothing is put into the film just for effect. You will not find an 'item number' happening suddenly in QUEEN. Every bit that you see on screen will seem logical in keeping with the character, her experiences. QUEEN is a film that gives you messages at a very subtle level.''

'Nothing is put into the film just for effect.'

Helming It Great!
Vikas Bahl, who green-lighted his career as a director with CHILLAR PARTY, helms QUEEN. On her part, Kangana claims to share a Win-Win equation with Bahl. ''I think the nicest part about director Vikas is that he is very open to suggestions,'' reveals Kangana,''He knows what he exactly wants, but he's open to getting inputs from his actors or others if it is going to better the scene that is being filmed. He trusts his actors and knows how to get work from them. He's also the most secure director that I've worked with.''

Write Route
For the uninformed, Kangana has bagged credentials in screen-writing from New York. And it's a feat that she's expressly thrilled about. ''I did a script-writing course in New York and it was like going back to school,'' she exclaims joyfully. ''It was a learning experience in every which way and it's something that I had always planned to do. Screenplay and dialogue-writing are two aspects that really interest me. Both these factors are such that then can lift up any film and take it to a higher and new level.''

Presenting...dialogue-writer Ranaut!

Apart from being a high on the histrionic front, QUEEN also accorded Kangana the opportunity to pen dialogues for it. Says Kangana, ''Vikas allowed me to write the dialogues for the film because he trusted me with the character. He felt that I had understood the character and mindset of the girl that I was playing and knew that I would be able to say what my character in the film is saying. And that I would be able to do it very honestly on a level that would strike a chord in the hearts of the audience. Of course, I was not that character, but I could relate to her very well, at every level.''

download QUEEN wallpapers
download QUEEN wallpapers

Co-star Charisma
Sharing screen-space with Rajkummar Rao and Lisa Haydon is an experience that Kangana looks back with great fondness. Says Kangana, ''I think Rajkummar is hugely talented and he has proved it beyond any doubt in whichever film and whichever role was given to him. I shared a great comfort equation with him.''

Viva Lisa!

Cat-fights and petty quibbles aren't unusual when two actresses share frames in the same flick. However, this case seems to be a notable exception. Kangana avers to clinching an amicable bond with her co-actor. ''Lisa is a free spirit and she was great fun on the sets,'' gushes Kangana. ''She's a professional to the core. Lisa managed to create an equation where she worked very hard and delivered whatever was expected of her character in the film. And yet, she had a lot of fun too. The entire shooting of this film, in India and abroad, is something that will always stay and live on in my memory.''

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Sibling for cinema?
Once an actor strikes it big in cinebiz, it hardly surprises one when a sibling follows suit too. On her part, brother Akshit has already bagged the nod of assent from her, as regards a career in moviebiz. Asserts Kangana, ''If Akshit does decide to join films in any capacity, I will not object at all. I will only be too happy. I will help him out in whichever manner I can.''

'Screenplay and dialogue-writing are two aspects that really interest me.'

Play It Again, Ranaut

Prior to flagging off her stint in cinema with GANGSTER, Kangana had honed her acting abilities at Asmita Theatre in New Delhi. Although, it's the flicks that are keeping her busy, Kangana hasn't turned her back on cinema. ''I think theatre hasn't really caught on in our country in the manner in which it has to,'' states Kangana, ''It's a great medium for an actor, because the actor gets an instant feedback from the audience, then and there. Theatre is certainly a medium that I would like to pursue. It's there in my mind and I would love to do theatre, at some point in my life.''

- By Ajit Ramachanddran, Glamsham Editorial

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