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Interview with John Abraham : There are only three kinds of women in this world.

"There are only three kinds of women in this world."


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John Abraham set the ramp on fire as he walked in a Rohit Bal sherwani at the recently held Kolkata Fashion Week. Our correspondent catches up with the model-turned-actor about women, his ‘hot bod' and of course, Bipasha.

You are mostly into western wear. But just now, you walked in a heavily handworked sherwani . Are you comfortable?
I am wearing a Rohit Bal you think there is even the slightest scope for discomfort. But then, I got what you mean...see, I am into show business and when it comes to looking good on ramp or on camera, we are ready for anything. Here, the idea was to connect to every Indian man and I think I have been able to do that.

What if the men in the audience suffer from DOSTANA syndrome after this show?
I am very cool with it. But would love it if you girls too cheer for me.

'There are only three kinds of women in this world...'

Do you enjoy Indian wear?

Yes, I enjoy wearing Indian clothes; especially the sherwani Rohit has given me is too lovely. I would love to wear it at a red carpet event. But then, to be very honest, Indian outfits are too heavy and gorgeous, very contradictory to the hot and humid climate. So it's really difficult to carry them on a regular basis. But I do wear ethnic stuffs on certain occasions.

What do you prefer wearing on a regular basis?
I am a blue jeans white T-Shirt guy regularly. But does that make any difference? Rohit (Bal) just told me backstage that to look well; I don't need to wear anything. (Smiles mischievously)

Why is that you always say Kolkata is D-city for you?
Because, as compared to Mumbai, Kolkata is very relaxing. Here after a day's work, you can really retire to bed, do nothing but relax. At times, you really go desperate for a break and some peace, and this city offers you that in plenty.

So, the reason is relaxed mood and not Bengali women?
Well, I will answer it in my way...there are only three kinds of women in this world-good women, better women and Bengali women.

download DOSTANA wallpapers

download DOSTANA wallpapers

Girls in the front row were shouting that they want to see you walk the ramp bare torso...
Bare torso!...why? they didn't see enough of it in DOSTANA?

Would you like to walk the ramp together with Bipasha?
Yes definitely...I would love to walk the ramp with her. Bipasha had been a great, in fact one of the best, models of her times. She is superb. Honestly, walking with Bipasha Basu will be walking with a supermodel. She looks hotter than me anytime on the ramp.

What is fashion to you?
Just enjoy the clothes you wear and feel comfortable. If I am enjoying my walk on the ramp today, it's because I am enjoying the outfit.

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We heard that you love getting outfits as gifts than buying it?
Very true...and why not? Getting an outfit as gift just blowing flying kisses and saying ‘Thank You' is any day better than buying them. And I am sure; this mentality is an universal one.

What do you like Bipasha best in?
She looks fantastic, mind-blowing and superb in whatever she wears.

What will you like to wear on your marriage day?
Anything my wife says (laughs aloud)

- By Glamsham Editorial

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