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Interview with Bipasha Basu : I would be happy to work with Rituparno again.

"I would be happy to work with Rituparno again."

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She is yet to come out of the hangover of her first Bengali film SHOB CHARITRO KALPONIK but there's more coming from Bipasha Basu. Her next film PANKH is yet another unconventional film. The actress speaks to our Correspondent on her film and future projects.

Hi, how have you been?
Great. I am really thrilled at this point of time with so many good films of mine up for release. SHOB CHARITRO KALPONIK too has really come out well and there isn't much I can ask for.

But you were really upset with Rituparno Ghosh after he decided to get your voice dubbed by someone else?
I wasn't really upset with him. But certainly I wasn't too happy with the idea of

'I would be happy to work with Rituparno again.'

someone else dubbing for me. In the first place I would have been happy had I dubbed for my own voice. Isn't that quite normal? But it's okay now. It has been decided that if the film gets a nomination at the National Awards, I will be dubbing for that print.

Now that everything is almost settled, are you satisfied with the dubbing part?
I was a bit apprehensive at the beginning but I have seen the film and heard the dubbing. The person who has dubbed for me has done a very good job and I am satisfied with that. There wasn't any doubt in my mind that even though someone else would be dubbing for me, Rituda (Rituparno Ghosh) would choose someone who would do justice with it. So the dubbing has come out absolutely fine.

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Okay... you don't have any issues with Rituparno Ghosh?
(Laughs). No, not at all. After all he is a great at his job and I am rather grateful to him that he decided to work with me on this film. In fact I would be rather happy to get another opportunity to work with him if a good script comes up in the future.

Your next film PANKH releases in a week and that too is a very unconventional story?
(Laughs) In the first place I would say it's a brilliant story and secondly it's again an unconventional story, something that the Indian audiences haven't witnessed earlier. But besides all these I would say that PANKH is debutant Maradona Rebello's story. I am really excited about the subject of the story and want to see how the audiences react to it.

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Apparently, you are playing an actress in this film.
(Smiles again). Yes, I am but it's not a film within a film. It's about a boy whose mother wants to see him grow into one of the biggest actors in the industry whereas when the boy grows up he wants to become an actress. It's a very complicated story but has been told in a very easy manner. My character comes as one of the fantasy woman in Maradona's life who is his idol and also inspires him. So it was a subject that needed to be handled with utmost care and I am really happy the way PANKH has shaped up.

Is this a conscious decision that you have been choosing unconventional scripts and roles of late?
See, I don't do 10 films a year but I have always been conscious of doing at least two-three films a year and play different roles. It's not conscious but I have always tried to make my roles as interesting as possible. Playing the same roles not only makes the audiences get bored but at the same time it also gets monotonous for the actor. Reinventing oneself is the best thing and I believe in doing that. I hope people like me both in SHOB CHARITRO KALPONIK as well as in PANKH.

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Your next film LAMHA too is going to be one of the biggest releases in the coming months.
It is a big, big film and everyone's hopes are pinned to it. (Laughs). See we were just discussing it...and LAMHA too is a completely different film. Rahul Dholakia's first film PARZANIA was one of the most talked about films in recent times and it won so many awards. LAMHA too has a very sensitive subject and we all have given our best.... Sanjay Dutt is really great in the film.

You look stunning in Ajay Devgan's ALL THE BEST?
This is one film I would ask everyone to watch. It's hilarious ... a good comedy film that I have done in a long time. In fact I haven't done too many comedies but this is one film I really wanted to do because it's also made very sensibly.

It seems you are pretty excited about the way you career is moving?
(Smiles) In fact I am pretty happy with the kind of roles I am being offered. At least the directors are showing their faith in me and I am happy about that. I always wanted to do films where my roles would create some impact and I am happy that I am actually getting to do that. I hope I can entertain the audiences in the coming months too.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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