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Interview with Nagesh Kukunoor : I don't want a big star...

"I don't want a big star..."



Nagesh Kukunoor's last film 8X10 TASVEER drew lukewarm response at the box office, but that doesn't bother the filmmaker who has two more films up for release this year besides a third film - a biopic on Kishore Kumar - in the pipeline. The director speaks to our correspondent on the Kishore Kumar biopic, TASVEER and his upcoming releases.

8X 10 TASVEER released but it did not quite get a healthy response...
I am happy and excited that TASVEER released but as far as the business the film did, everything wasn't in my hands. The problem between multiplex owners and distributors started just at that time.

So, are you now looking forward to AASHAYEIN? Even it has got delayed by a long time now.
But it won't get delayed any longer. It will release soon...within a couple of months if everything goes fine. I have pinned a lot of hope on this film too and like all my film this film too is completely different.

" I don't want a big star..."

News is that you are making a film on Kishore Kumar and have already started working on it.

Oh yes... (Laughs)... that is one film I long wished to make. I have been a great fan of Kishore Kumar and have always thought of making a film on him. But you know it isn't that easy. Given the magnanimous personality of Kishore Kumar one has to be very cautious and careful. There shouldn't be any error and I am taking utmost care to give a great entertainer.

It seems you have already started your research work!
The research work isn't that easy. It is a long and tedious process but yes I am doing a lot of research to make everything look as real as possible. I will soon start shooting for it.

So, who plays Kishore Kumar?
My choice is Shreyas (Talpade). I think he will be great and after all he too is a great Kishoreda fan like me. Just like me Shreyas too knows a number of Kishoreda songs by heart and I would ideally like him to play Kishoreda. Let's see what happens finally?

But it will be a great responsibility on the actor to live up to the expectations of the audiences
I know it is but Shreyas would be good. I don't want a big star because then the actor's image will interrupt Kishoreda's image. See right now, I am researching on Kishoreda and then have to talk to the producers before everything is it wouldn't be fair talking much about it.



Tell me something... despite always giving something new with every film of yours, last year didn't go that well, as BOMBAY TO BANGKOK didn't create any buzz.
But that's not in my hands. (Laughs) It was a good film but after making a film you don't have any more control over the film. It is then completely up to the audiences. I have always believed in giving something new to the audiences with every film. None of my films bear any resemblance with other. Right from HYDERABAD BLUES to ROCKFORD, TEEN DEEWAREIN, IQBAL, DOR and now TASVEER -all the stories are completely different from the other.

Okay, now AASHAYEIN too has been stuck for a while. Are you feeling restless with luck not going your way?
There had been some problems, which delayed AASHAYEIN...say for around seven months but now that everything has been sorted out it will release soon. I am actually thrilled that after a long time, now all my films will release one after the other and what I can promise is that every film and every story will be different.

There are a lot of things doing the rounds, like you had problems with the producers...
I have stopped listening and reacting to rumours. These things never seem to stop so the best thing is to ignore them.

In fact, it is also said that you had some major problems with Akshay Kumar on the sets.
Oh! No... no... that's completely wrong. In fact I am really impressed with Akshay's performance and plan to work with him again.

What can we expect from AASHAYEIN?
Watch out John in a completely different role in this film. It will be a revelation for his fans and I am sure John too is expecting a lot from this film. In the meantime, I am also giving the finishing touches to YEH HAUSLA and that releases sometime by August.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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