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Interview with Imtiaz Ali : Raising Kareena issue defames Deepika....

"Raising Kareena issue defames Deepika...."


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Expectations are running high from Imtiaz Ali after JAB WE MET became one of the biggest hits of the recent times. Now ready with LOVE AAJ KAL, the director in a conversation with our correspondent shares his experiences of working with Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone

Finally, LOVE AAJ KAL is about to release.
Yes, there were so many speculations and now it's just a matter of few days and it will put an end to all that the audiences had waited for. I had been really busy over the last year or went off like a whisk but finally I am relieved now, a lot more at ease though I am still busy giving the last minute finishing touches.

Are you tensed...nervous, what?
Actually, I am having no feelings (smiles). To be honest I am perfectly all right. I know no one would believe it but I am a person who doesn't have emotions, so

'Raising Kareena issue defames Deepika....'

probably because of that I am not reacting. But honestly speaking I am really very hopeful about the film. I have tried to do a better job this time than what I did last time.

Don't you feel the pressure because comparisons will be drawn with Jab WE MET more so because it was a blockbuster?
(Laughs). I know...I know and I really can't stop that. It's bound to happen and that is the only area where I think I have to prove myself. When JAB WE MET released, I didn't know that it would go on to become on the biggest hits of the year. Today, when I watch that film, I really smile at times because there were so many flaws. This time I have tried to avoid and rectify all those things. I believe in learning. I even learn from my actors. I learnt a lot from Deepika and Saif.

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Okay, that means the audiences are in for a bigger treat.
That is up to the audiences but I am really hopeful because it's a good film, complete entertainer and the Saif-Deepika chemistry will be the one to watch out for.

That brings to the obvious question. Why didn't you cast Kareena? Saif-Kareena chemistry too would have created hype and expectations would have soared.
That's true but I was very focused on the project. The script demanded Deepika and so she is here. Kareena is one of my favourite actresses but Deepika fitted the role better. (Pauses)... I think this question is being asked a lot but I want to tell something- raising the Kareena issue also defames Deepika. She has done a very good job and I am proud of her performance.

view LOVE AAJ KAL videos

view LOVE AAJ KAL videos

In fact, Saif too has maintained that he would have loved to have Kareena in the film but has always stood by your decision to cast Deepika?
That is really so nice and supportive of him. I know the bond Saif and Kareena share but at the same time Saif has throughout been supportive. He is the producer of the film but he was completely non-interfering when it came to direction. He is very easy to work with and gives his director complete room.

And what about Deepika Padukone?
Oh! She is a sweetheart. She is natural and makes any scene look easy with her smooth performance. I am really happy that she has done such a good job with only a couple of years of experience in the trade.

'Deepika is one of the easiest actors to handle.'

In fact Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh too will be seen together after a long time in this film.

(Smiles). They are a couple people would love to watch. It's a love story and I can't think of anyone even from today's generation who would deny that Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh were one of the best onscreen couples to embrace the industry.

So you continue with a love story after SOCHA NA THA, JAB WE MET and now LOVE AAJ KAL.
This story is very engrossing. No two of my stories have any resemblance. Saif will be seen in a double role and that is another area to look forward to. He plays a Sardar and has really done a great job. He also plays the young Rishi Kapoor... so there's a lot in store. But I never really start writing keeping in mind that I will have to pen down a love story. It's just that I came up writing three love stories one after the other. I start writing and a love story emerges.


Saif pays a Sardar but you haven't yet unveiled the look of the actress opposite him.
(Ha...Ha...Ha). That is a surprise element. We have kept it under wraps and aren't unveiling her looks but certainly it's going to be a big surprise once the film releases.

So what next? Another love story?
To be honest I am not even thinking about it now. I don't know if I will make another love story or a thriller, or a horror. I am yet to start writing. It might be that I land up writing another love story. (Smiles). I am also directing a film for Shree Asthavinayak Films. So it will take some time.

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