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Interview with Anurag Basu : There is not particular theme or genre that is my favourite.

"There is not particular theme or genre that is my favourite."

View LIFE IN A... METRO Premiere - Picture Gallery

View LIFE IN A... METRO Premiere Picture Gallery

Anurag Basu is in the news again for Ďnotí making the sequel of his acclaimed Life in a ĖMetro at the moment. The director in conversation with Sami Jan

Known for his critically acclaimed films like Murder, Gangster and Metro, Anurag Basu has proved to be among the top-notch directors of Bollywood.

Excerpts from an interview:

Is it a fact that you have signed a film with Hrithik Roshan?
Well, the project is in the pipeline and I would be making a formal announcement very soon. At the moment the details are getting finalised.

There was news that you will be making Metro 2. What happened to that?
Initially, I had planned it like that, but for the moment I have kept the idea on the backburner. I am surely going to make the sequel but it would be a little later after I complete my next project.

You started with making films with Vishesh films and now you are not seen doing any project with them?
The fact is that I have great respect for the Bhatt camp since they stood by me in the most trying phase of my life. At the moment Iím not doing any film with them since I want to make subjects that are slightly different from the Vishesh films mainstay.

Of all the films that you have made, which has been your personal favourite?
Well, no doubt it will be Gangster since it allowed me to taste the real success in terms of commercial Bollywood. The film will always remain close to my heart. Even my other films have been great subjects, which the audiences really loved to watch. I would say so far the whole journey as a filmmaker has been a fantastic one.

You have also started your television production. How do you manage the two mediums?
Television has been my favourite medium and I am emotional about it since it was the small screen where I started my career in entertainment. I always wanted to do something around the script that I had in mind and thatís how my show Love Story on SAB started. Now that the show has been an immensely popular series is all the more gratifying.

Do you believe in any particular school of filmmaking?
The fact is that I donít believe in any school of filmmaking. As a filmmaker you should have your original style and I have always followed this thought. I have not trained formally but have learnt the ropes of the trade through sheer experience. I donít believe that one has to learn filmmaking through formal education; itís a passion and nothing else for me.

What kind of films do you love to make?
Well, there is not particular theme or genre that is my favourite. As a filmmaker I always want to choose new subjects that challenge the filmmaker in me. I never believe that filmmaking is an exercise in formulaic patterns.

In the highly competitive Bollywood market, what kind of filmmaking does really guarantee security?
I think the foremost thing to recognise is that the audience is not a fool and you cannot sell any nonsense to them. Unless the narrative becomes the staple part of the filmmaking process, I think making good films will always be a difficult thing. But thanks to the corporate culture that is seeping in gradually, the whole filmmaking business is getting more organised which will finally ensure quality cinema.

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