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Interview : Hrithik Roshan

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You have always been experimenting with your roles, especially in your home productions...
I tell you, it's not easy to make or be part of a film that's breaking all barriers. But that's what my father (Rakesh Roshan) and I have been consciously doing for the past few years. And they all turned to be major blockbusters not just in India but across the world. I played a superhero (in KRISSH), a mentally-challenged youth (in KOI MIL GAYA). Initially both the roles were laughed at because in India people think that a hero is all about an image and he should not break away from it. But as an actor, I think it's my duty and inherent strive to evolve and find out what else is there.

Is this the reason why you take such long gaps between your films... because you are choosy?
I don't know what to say-whether I do less films because I choose to do less films, or I don't have time to do more films. I would actually want to do more films. But I need time to absorb, get into my character...I get too involved, may be I have my own apprehensions. That's the way I am built I guess; so even if I

"The kite always used to fly out of my hands."

want to do 10 films a year, I won't have the capacity to do them.

Was it a conscious decision to make the film in English?
It was not a conscious decision to make the film in English language. But there was an instinct, a feeling in all our hearts that something needs to be done over the project. And then, one thing led to the other....and one fine day KITES became a global, cross-cultural, Mexican-Spanish-Indian-English film. By the way, the international version of the film has less Hindi, but the Indian version has a lot of the language.

So, in which language you shot the film?
We shot the film in English.

Do you expect KITES to break Box Office records of KOI MIL GAYA and KRISSH?
It doesn't matter what I expect or want of KITES. All I can say is that it's a beautiful film and am really proud of it. Every person who watches this film will take back home some emotions, as Barbara keeps saying it will make them fall in love all over again.

Why is that we are not seeing Kangna Ranaut in the promos and posters of KITES?
The film is a love story between two characters-Barbara and me. That's what the film is about. Idea of how to project the first image or promos of the film comes from the director's vision of what he should tell the audiences. That's how promos are made. What's this is not here, why that is not there is not our concern or your concern. It's just the director's prerogative.

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view KITES movie stills

Barbara keeps saying that she saw all your films the moment she knew you will be working with her. Did you do the same?
I had watched a lot of her films. But when I saw her face for the first time on a laptop (my father called me and shown her photo), it took me a second to decide she is the one to play Natasha (in KITES).

And what did you see in her (Barbara) to come to this decision?
We were looking for a face that had vulnerability with a lot of dignity.

With Barbara stepping into Hindi films, did you ever consider working in a Spanish film?
Of course I have. I have already told Barbara that if she has a role...a character, that I can be good at...then I am ready to give it a shot.

Do you speak fluent Spanish?
Well, Susanne (wife) and I try to speak Spanish. We also did a course to learn the language properly. We did pretty good and even reached the intermediate level. Then I had eight months of GUZARISH (Sanjay Leela Bhansali film) and I went to a completely different world. But I understand the language perfectly.

Have you ever tried to fly kites?
(Laughs) We lived on the 13th floor and papa (Rakesh Roshan) used to teach me to fly kites. But flying kites was too hard for me because I was so small. I used to wonder why the kite is so light when you hold it in your hands, but becomes difficult to handle with a manjha. I remember that clearly...the kite always used to fly out of my hands.

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- Sreya Basu, TWF, Bollywood Trade News Network

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