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Interview : Aamir Khan


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Aamir Khan surely knows how to hog the limelight. Be it with his perfection, films, cooking...and most recently, his drummer act at the music launch of his latest film PEEPLI LIVE -this Khan is a true-blue rockstar. The actor-director-producer in conversation with our correspondent.

Your production PEEPLI LIVE seems to be a socio-political satire...
Yes. You are right. PEEPLI LIVE is a satire. Humour is also an important part of the film. We are narrating a serious issue in a humorous way. It is about the rural and urban divide and the migration of rural people to urban cities. In this film we have paid more attention to the characters than the story.

Was this a conscious decision to make a satire in order to do 'something different'?
In a way, yes. I can't remember any satire in Hindi film industry after JAANE BHI DO YAARO (1983). When I heard the story of PEEPLI LIVE about 3-4 years ago, I liked it a lot. Anusha (Rizvi, writer-director) is highly talented.

"PEEPLI LIVE isn't another LAGAAN."

You have even made fun of yourself in the film?

I thought when we have started making fun of each other, why not start with myself? At one point there's a reporter who calls me mad for making the film LAGAAN. Again, the GHAJINI wafers and biscuits that he is showing off, are actually brought in a cart...even the spellings of the film and my name are wrong. (Laughs) I hope people really enjoy this act.

Both LAGAAN and PEEPLI LIVE are rural-based films. Do you expect the same Box Office results this time too?
I have not tried to make PEEPLI LIVE another LAGAAN. I don't want to compare the two films. I want PEEPLI LIVE to retain its individualism.

Media plays a crucial role in the film...
Yes, it is the media who interviews the main characters and take their reactions that keeps the story rolling.

view PEEPLI LIVE videos

view PEEPLI LIVE videos

But isn't inclusion of media evident since Anusha herself was a television journo?
Of course. When you are a journalist, you have a lot of go to various places, meet different people...and I think, Anusha being a sensitive person, was able to form a story out of a really important issue that India is facing.

What's there in PEEPLI LIVE that made the censor board issue an 'A' certification?
There are 10-15 places where we have used certain words and language that is not suitable for children. We have kept a natural "boli", so, in certain places there are gaalis. That's why the film has got an adult certificate, which I think is perfectly right. I also don't want children to see this film.

What made you turn drummer at the film's music launch?
I think it's the film's music that brought out the drummer in me. Since it's PEEPLI LIVE, we wanted to keep everything 'live' at the launch. If you have seen, not only me, all actors and musicians performed live that night. But then, it was not a planned act. Indian Ocean (folk fusion band), who have given two tracks in the film, called me on stage to join them at the drums. I was a bit hesitant, but then, I could not say 'no'.

Now, let's talk about your Twitter mania...
I am overwhelmed with the response. I could never get a better way t o communicate with my fans.

- Sreya Basu, TWF, Bollywood Trade News Network

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